New profile photo?

If you need a professional profile photo, or just want some great images of you, or your family members don’t hesitate to contact me. Normally it takes around one hour and is shot digitally with my Canon camera. Prices start at 2.500 Dkr. If you are a company, or several people, please call me for pricing.

Samples of profile- and family photos

Exclusive portrait photo shoot!

A dedicated portrait shoot is something very different. I will spend some time learning to know you, and what you’re looking for, and on the day of shooting we easily spend 4-5 hours together. I normally shoot portraits on real film to get that timeless and exclusive look, and very often these images ends up as huge framed prints in your living room. Pricing depends on your wishes, but give me a call and we’ll talk it over.

Portraits are one of my favourites. Not just “taking a portrait”, but “making a portrait”. I really enjoy setting the scene in close dialog with my subject.

I hope you enjoy my images, and feel free to contact me if you want a portrait session on film or digital, or any other kind of photo work.


Samples of portrait shoots