When I was a teenager the only way to make a picture was to shoot on film. I have done that since then, though I have embraced digital photography as well.

I shoot polaroids as well and each media provides a certain look. I love the old school feeling of good old film, polaroids are fun and brings unexpected results, and digital is digital – just crisp and tack sharp, even under low light conditions.

Shooting on film is fun and demanding, and the imperfections you get with dust, scratches, grain and a base layer of silver halide and the chemical process gives a great feeling to an image. It is like a living organism, and two films never gives you the same result.

My saying as a photographer is: Imperfection is perfection!

Portraits are one of my favourites, and I often shoot both film and digital during the session. Together with the subject I plan and discuss how the portrait should end up, but I allways try to shoot from the hip as well, to get that unseen “moment” of the subject.

I love shooting at night, I then control the lighting on my own, using very little “artificial” light and mostly natural light. Hours during sunrise and sunset are my absolute favourites, even though I do studio shootings as well.

Being in nature is vital to me, and with my Land Rover I often spend time in the great outdoors, hiking, sleeping, eating and shooting film or digital.

I hope you love my work, and don’t hesitate to contact me, whether you are interested in some of my prints – or want your portrait taken.

Preben Lorentzen